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The shelter I volunteer at had to put down 5 dogs last night and I'm just so sad and angry (self.MMFB)

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I volunteer at my local low-kill county shelter. This means that animals are only put down if there's a severe medical issue or if there's no space. It's puppy season right now, which means there is no space.

One dog was a blue nosed pitbull named Durango. He came in as a puppy and literally grew up in a cage. He had some behavioral problems because he never had a home or any structure, so he went. He was only 7 months old. He just needed a home and some structure, and he would have been a perfect dog.

There was a dog named Red. He was very snappy and aggressive, but attached to a shelter worker and was his best friend. He was a great guard dog, and once he warmed up to you he was your best friend. That worker had to leave, so there was no one who could handle Red. I was working with him, I almost got him to the point where he would accept me. I was planning on finally getting him out if his cage today because he was much less aggressive towards me. He's gone now, and I never did manage to get him out of that cage.

There was a black and white 'cow' pitbull named Misty. She come in with mange, which healed in the shelter. She was a bit of a ditz, but she loved everyone and just wanted love back.

There was another blue nosed pit named Stewie. He looked like a mix between a French bulldog and pit, he had these huge dorky ears that would stand straight up. He would always smile, and when I took him on walks he would want rubs and love. He would always give me kisses, and loved to play tug of war. He was so gentle and sweet.

There was a brindle pitbull named Buddy. I loved Buddy so much. I was planning on adopting him when I moved out of my parents home. He got loose from his owner, but had tags with a number. His owner was a trucker, and said he would come down for Buddy. He never came.

Buddy was in that shelter for 6 months. I loved that dog. He was so sweet and gentle, he wanted to play outside but inside all he wanted to do was cuddle. I would visit as often as I could and he was the first one I would take on walks. He always perked up when he saw me, he was always quiet and withdrawn in his cage but when he saw me he would start jumping around and barking. When I took him on walks he would get so excited and grab the leash in his mouth, spinning around because he was so excited to walk. I taught that dog to sit and stay, and how to walk without pulling on the leash. I loved him so much. He was the perfect dog, he had such a great personality and he was so smart. Everyone else passed over him because he didn't look special and was quiet, but to me he was so special. So many people showed interest in him, took out applications for him. No one followed through.

I don't blame the shelter. It's law that they have to accept any and all strays, so what are they supposed to do when there's no space? I'm angry at all the irresponsible people. I'm angry at the people who don't come back for their dogs. I'm angry at the dog hoarder that won't let her 20 malnourished and sick dogs go, so the shelter has to hold them and can't adopt them out. I'm angry at the people who bring in 'stray' puppies and kittens, when their dog is obviously the mother and is sitting in the car while her litter is abandoned. Im just angry at people, because these dogs did nothing and got the shit end of the stick. They had no power over their situation, it is the fault of people that they were put down. Shitty people.

I'm going back tomorrow to volunteer more. I've been doing it for a year, and there are dogs and cats there who still need me. I just needed to vent, because no one in my family cares about animals as much as I do. I love animals more than people. Animals mean the world to me. I can't help but feel like I've let them down.

More than anything I wish I would have known, so I could say goodbye and walk them one last time, and give them a cuddle and belly rub.


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today was interesting so far.

m and I had to leave the idyllic woods house because m is banned.

we got a ride from fishie to the train.

cleaned train station for about 20 minutes.

train came, and we got on. we went to the bathroom first.

we could not avoid the conductors, and were bumped at the next stop.

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found today: bagels, lots of rat food.

I went exploring and the green store still doesn't accept ebt.

anything else today?

mostly sunny with occasional big-droplet rain, very nice. rainbows looked for, but not seen.

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