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46bee165.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

Changelog Generated at 1564368003

Changelog Generated at 1564368003

Installed software version has changed from 6267afa5.. to 314b72d1..

314b72d update todo
729096f remember state of advanced settings checkbox on current id page
d103397 add prefs.js and prefstest
0efef78 default/admin/logging/record_access_log_hash
9697c5e skeleton for prefs.js
2516ea3 change authorinfo.template
65ecaac add shtml to lighttpd.conf
8551bae add to howto
5d01f7a add to brainstorm.txt
60e5b52 update todo
600ab83 add cache to GetHtmlAvatar()
c2ba693 add tag_listing and tag_listing_wrapper templates
10ddc58 remove brainpool from gpg choices due to issue with gpg ;
d842869 integrate voting buttons into authorinfo.template; integrate pubkey tags into user profile
adc9cbf add string/en/tag_info
5381bf8 remove duplicate call to WriteIndexPages() ; add alphabetical tags page ;
7626185 rename setting to admin/gpg/capture_stderr_output ;
129cd91 add alphabetically sorted tags page ; add support for ssi footer ; fix off-by-1 error in WriteIndexPages progress output ;
15817bd minor query formatting ; fix bugs in author weight display ; add author_weight view ; add query param to DBGetVoteCounts ; add sanity check to DBAddItem() ;
1c8d927 rename setting to admin/gpg/capture_stderr_output ; add debug output to GetFileHash() ;
3d82d10 clarify debug message in
f840596 start on howto.txt ; update todo.txt
ed7dc2f update manual
d039f42 add architecture.txt
caccd54 clarify checkbox label in write2.template
afc5ebe add cellpadding=3 to table
c10dc0a rejigger author_listing
f19b048 rename to admin/gpg/capture_stderr_output
47b0231 remove unnecessary text from curid form
a7c1b39 add placeholder for ssi footer in htmlend.template
342951a relocate comments in ; add ssi footer support in ; add progress reporting for WriteIndexPages ;
3ad93a9 add progress report to version info page generation ; add sanity checks to same ;
acd4937 add ssi config default and simple template
1a2e3a5 update manual
500c9c4 add comment for GetAvatar()
936bca0 add comments; add author column to top items page ;
8aaa9de fix bug that prevented avatar cache removal
7e58c21 add author column to item_listing
b53a9ad add ssi to lighttpd.conf
fe6b4ed update docs
5733cb4 change hr size (debug)
e238a12 change default/admin/gpg_include_stderr = 0
b1f0244 change <hr> sizes ; fix small bug ; use format_avatars setting ;
ce04828 more progress indicator in
2fd6d9e add support for admin/gpg_include_stderr ;
211a3fa update draft code for removing url stuff from reply tokens ;
7ca4877 add parent_count = 0 requirement to top items ; remove distinct clause from author_flat view for now ;
4a39f2f add support for admin/gpg_include_stderr
7b2ecb9 add default/admin/gpg_include_stderr = 1
e08678e replace time() with GetTime() ; add support with admin/read_added_log ; add DBAddItemAttribute calls to IndexTextFile() ; remove $fingerprint which was not used ; rename admin/use_added_log to admin/logging/write_added_log ; add new tag, hasvote; for items that have at least one vote applied ; only allow admin, not server user to remove via flag tag, because server is what signs anon votes ; add support for indexing one file via command-line arg
dbdb437 adjust comma-placing in to hopefully get rid of the extra commas bug
aef14be replace time() with GetTime2() in
5b82405 replace time() with GetTime() in
c907501 replace time() with GetTime()
c1ddfc3 expand prefs.js.template
1aa503b add support for admin/organize_files in, which means files are immediately renamed to hash filename ; add support for admin/logging/write_added_log setting in ; replace time() with GetTime() ;
c32054a rearrange author listing columns
d6b7d9f update brainstorm.txt
4a4c390 update todo
9408adb add write_zalgo_button.template
176aa90 update default/tagset/all and add tagset/flag
77efd64 add templates for js clock
f8e6393 add default/admin/read_added_log = 1
e6c3ef3 fix bug in GetItemPage related to titles for untitled items; integrate GetTime() in place of time() ; add sanity check to GetHtmlLink() ; add <code><tt> for textart items ; remove from templates even if we're not using it ; add handling for an empty top items page ; add item count to scoreboard page ; add link to public key post to author info page ; fix bug with item_page table generation ;
c541888 clean up, remove unused db fields ; integrate GetTime() instead of time() ; add item_count field to DBGetTopAuthors() ;
6f42fb8 add comments to ; remove old commented code ; remove duplicate debug code from GetHtmlFilename ; add GetDigitColor() ; remove unused GetGpgFingerprint() ; optimize WriteLog() ; integrate GetTime() function instead of time() ;
c7019f7 wording in tags page intro
e7bdfa5 add funstuff settings
9d54f00 move write_added_log settings-file under logging dir
a451c7b add DBGetAuthorItemCount() ; add sanity check to DBGetAuthorWeight() ; add debug output to DBGetTopItems() ;
8ade674 update wording on stats.template
5b6f6c3 move GetIdentityPage() to
e2da441 move MakeStaticPages() and GetWritePage to ; call MakeStaticPages() if any updates ;
fdc6f35 add default/admin/tagset/system
8f4a707 add DBGetAuthorPublicKeyHash() ;
612973b add publickeyhash field to author info  ; start writing GetItemTemplateFromHash() ; add size= parameter to <hr> for debugging ; fix minor html typo ; remove monospace style from poetry, keep for textart ;
8f5cc17 fix bug in DBAddKeyAlias() call in
7401f95 change "pubkey:" to "reg. entry:" on authorinfo.template
40eb74c clean up ; add item_attribute table ; add DBAddItemAttribute()
8d29a44 add to
6167786 add pubkey to authorinfo.template
b5191ec make message output about counted vote more concise
3cf202f clean up ; move MakeStaticPages() to earlier in ;
9985203 minor update to manual
152d244 add item-smaller.template
3a4d5fc add "confusing" to default/tagset/hastext
79a9718 add to README
4f2cd64 add debug output to ConfigKeyValid()
792faec return 1 if no weight is specified in DBGetAuthorWeight()


46bee165.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

[Item 01deb612.. was added with SHA512 hash ae94cc16be43d5ae....]

72fd80f2.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

[Item c7c1ca69.. was added with SHA512 hash df5ca54c0c6b465e....]

9db968ef.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

[Item 1a6a90ee.. was added with SHA512 hash dae5897e44374826....]

ad1c1499.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

This is the registration entry for the following user:

Alias: server(shitmyself)
Fingerprint: 454B416395E0454A

Reply to this post to write anything related to this profile.

bfa96f8a.. .txt **server(shitmyself)