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[Item 445383f5.. was added with SHA512 hash 836d1933a98ff6a3....]

3265526a.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

[Item 316f81c0.. was added with SHA512 hash 30626fa732ae4ea3....]

914b0382.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

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c94d239c.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

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e5992025.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

30c42b03.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

Changelog Generated at 1562968202

Changelog Generated at 1562968202

Installed software version has changed from ab417991.. to 6267afa5..

6267afa fix cat typo
f8ff5dc add parameter to DBAddKeyAlias call
2cedff5 break out item limit into settings
ad18972 add dbresetpagetouch to
911e637 remove template for GetItemTemplateFromHash(), though it might be needed later ; add basic styling of certain tagged items ; add last seen time to Scoreboard page ;
0a67201 create view item_tags_list view  ; add tags_list to item_flat ; add DBResetPageTouch() ; reformat query in DBGetVoteCounts() ; add DBGetAuthorLastSeen() ; add tags_list to DBGetItemFields ;
2caba67 add comment to GetSecondsHtml()
3a3bfb1 add GetSecondsHtml()
7ce8dfe add author last seen to author_listing, remove weight/influence ; add authorlastseen to autorinfo.template ; add item-textart style class
c1fd165 add textart to tagset/hastext
7f14940 add default/item_limit = 9000
98034f9 add author_alias.pubkey_file_hash ; add last_seen field to author_flat and DBGetTopAuthors ; add pubkey_file_hash parameter to DBAddKeyAlias() ;


30c42b03.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

[Item 445383f5.. was added with SHA512 hash 836d1933a98ff6a3....]

5ad9237a.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

[Item 6f39d400.. was added with SHA512 hash 74c78c19dce8ece8....]

8a66f419.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

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8e10f481.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

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999de4c2.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

[Item 806657d8.. was added with SHA512 hash 30681728fb718bf3....]

4bea87b2.. .txt **server(shitmyself)

This is the registration entry for the following user:

Alias: server(shitmyself)
Fingerprint: 454B416395E0454A

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bfa96f8a.. .txt **server(shitmyself)